The event takes place in Skagit Valley Washington, one of the largest producers of tulips in the world. This would be the first time in the events history that it would not use the northwest Native American art style in it’s event merchandise. The tournament includes 51 high school teams and 40 middle school teams, involving about 2,000 participants, coaches and parents.
The tournament directors knew they wanted the artwork themed around either an owl or a honey bee. They also wanted Tulips involved in the merchandise to some extent.  
Create merchandise art that is interesting for kids, involves honey bees or owls, and tulips. 
The honey bee lended itself well to the polygonal style, which shared the square shapes as the traditional tribal artwork of years before. The owl would work well as a single line artwork, but didn’t relate as well to tulips. Thus the decision was to use the honeybee.

The merchandise was well received and the majority of gear was sold by Sunday of the tournament. 
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