This project took place before users could use SNAP benefits online and the widespread adoption of online grocery shopping and the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for Rosie to be a candidate for the USDA pilot program of allowing SNAP beneficiaries to purchase groceries online, Rosie needed to have SNAP already as a payment option on their website. 
My Role: Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Experience Designer, Developer Liaison
My Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Jira, User Interviews, UX Testing
Develop a solution that would protect the grocery retailer while still benefitting the grocery shopper. Retailers were concerned about picking an order without a confirmed card on file.

Background info
In a typical month, 40 million Americans constituting about 10% of the total grocery industry in the USA, participated in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).
An online shopping experience that would allow SNAP beneficiaries to pre-order their groceries for pick-up. This saved them time in the store, and prevented impulse purchases. By limiting the order option to pick-up only, retailers felt more comfortable picking orders 
Successfully implemented a online grocery shopping experience that SNAP participants could use their benefits which directly led to the USDA announcing Rosie Retailers, Dash's and Hart's, as pilot stores for using SNAP benefits online. 
User Research
I conducted interviews with long-term SNAP beneficiaries as well as grocery store managers to understand the needs and concerns of both parties. The results of these user interviews made it clear that there were three options for how this user flow could work. The ideal solution of being able to use SNAP benefits was not an option, since the technology wasn't available yet. 

Finding a solution that worked for both personas required compromises from the ideal user journey. Ultimately, Rosie decided to pursue the third option, which required the customer to cover the cost of the order on a debit or credit card. 
Once enabled, a "SNAP" icon will appear in product tiles of SNAP eligible products. This is important for the conscientious shopper. 
This is an example of how a shopping cart will be organized to show which products are SNAP eligible. This communicates clearly how much the shopper will be expected to pay in addition to their SNAP products. 
If "Pay with SNAP" was selected, a card appears that let the customers know that the whole order will be charged to card until the payment type can be switched at the store during Pick-Up. 
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