In a typical month, 40million Americans participated in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). This government program puts about 66 billion dollars a year in the hands of people to be used exclusively on food. That is 10% of the total grocery industry in the USA. Of those who receive benefits, 44% are people under 18.  
Knowing only this, you would think that every retailer would chomp at getting a piece of the SNAP pie. Integrating SNAP into Rosie became a compromise of appeasing two users.
The Grocery Manager and the SNAP user
For the Grocery Manager, Rosie had one clear incentive:
This feature will get you access to more customers. 
For the SNAP user, Rosie had a few more incentives:
Rosie will save you time. 
You can use your low-income benefit. 
Rosie could not offer delivery for SNAP orders because the users cannot use their SNAP card online. The user needed to be at the store at some point to pay. The next best thing would be for the users to use the Pay at Store option. This means the user orders their groceries, the store picks the order, and then the User pays when they retrieve the groceries. The problem is that not many stores are comfortable picking the order without a form of payment on file. 
Thus the compromise was that the user needed to have a card to cover the cost of the order. This is a luxury not every SNAP user can swing, but at least it is a way for them to save time from shopping.
Now that we had at least a way for SNAP Users to save time and buy groceries online, we needed for them to know which products were SNAP eligible. Since most SNAP users do not use it for more than three months, this should be a feature they could turn on or off. 
And we wanted to make sure it was clear what part of their order was SNAP in the review screen, so we added the ability to sort items on the review screen. We also added an extra line in the receipt, so the user had several opportunities to understand their purchase. 
And this was the implementation of SNAP on Rosie. 

Until Rosie applied with some of their Retailers for a USDA grant to pilot online payments of SNAP benefits. Which they were selected for!

USDA announced the winners and Rosie Retailers Dash's and Hart's were selected. 
and Rosie announced it on their website. 
As of 2018, several Rosie stores have the SNAP feature described above. Rosie is still working with the USDA to pilot users using their SNAP benefits online. 
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