Product data was one of the most variable parts of Rosie.  Thus, the very real issue that users could not find an item on Rosie that they knew the store actually had. We needed to find a solution that would allow users to order items without actually finding the product data. 
From a User Experience perspective. This was a very simple project. From the development perspective, it was very difficult. From a Support perspective, it was a potential nightmare. In order to soothe development, I reused current features to create this new feature. Such as the ability to write a note to the picker about a product. For Support, I needed to design in a lot of tooltips and input text to communicate to the user information they needed to provide. 
This feature allowed user's to store text that the human who picked their order could read. The user needed to be clear exactly what item they were looking for. 
• If they only wrote Chocolate Chip Cookies, which brand?
• If they only wrote Cabot Salted Butter, what size?
• If they wrote 1 pack of Oreo's, do they want double stuffed?
While this lead to some wordy input text, it helped the user succeed in writing a clear note. 
The other significant problem with this feature is credit card variance. When purchases online are made, there is a certain amount of wiggle room the credit card company will allow. If the final cost is significantly different then the initially expected amount, the card will reject the purchase. Thus, the user needed to put in an estimate of the cost of the product they were looking for, so when the picker added the actual item the cost would be similar. 
Later, when the customer receives their "Order is on the way!" email, the Product Request tile will show the product that filled the request. This will also be reflected in their Order History, so in the future they will be able to find the product from there as well. 
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