This feature was adding the ability for the customer to add an item to their order that wasn't associated to product data. This was for situations that the customer may know a product exists in a store, but couldn't find it on the online interface.

My Role: Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Experience Designer, Developer Liaison
My Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, User Interviews, UX Testing
This was a challenge from a developer perspective because in order for an item to be added to the cart, it needed to be associated with a product. This feature was explicitly for the situation when a product couldn't be found though, so the cart needed to be modified to accept this information. From a user experience perspective, the user needed to be guided in providing the information a picker needs to truly find the right product.
I reused several UI elements that were already in place to ease the demand on the developers, but also maintain consistency for the users. I added tooltips throughout the interface that informed the user what could be expected. We built in UI elements that would help the picker find the right product, as well as mitigate potential credit card variance issues. 

When the customer receives their order confirmation, the Product Request will show the product that filled the request. This will be reflected in their Order History, so in the future they will be able to find the product that they previous could not find. 
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