One of the most user requested features was the ability to make a list on the Rosie website. Lists could be made for frequently bought items, or help organize a busy household with lists for favorite recipes, school lunch items, or more. 

My Role: Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Experience Designer, Developer Liaison
My Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, InVision, Jira, User Interviews, UX Testing
Making lists is an extremely common behavior, but how we make a list on a grocery app has more steps than jotting a list down on a spare piece of paper. We needed to integrate the make a list feature seamlessly into the shopping experience so users can use Rosie more efficiently in the future. 
We created two ways for a user to add items to a list. They could either add an entire cart to a list (great for items households buy repeatedly) or they could add individual items to lists from the product details cards. This integrated the feature into their normal Rosie behavior. 
Create a List from a Cart
Adding a Single Item to a List
Prototype of List Feature on Mobile App for User Testing 
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