BasilJS is a coding language very similar to Javascript that works with Adobe InDesign. The goal was to use Javascript to count all the uses of every word in a given text. The hypothesis was that on a quantitative level, the most used words are so simple that it reveals nothing about at a text, and thus the least used words are most important. 
Use BasilJS to reveal create something in InDesign that would otherwise be impossible.

When run, the script counted the use of every word and increased the font of those words relative to their use. Thus, the words used the most wold have the biggest font size, and the words used the least would have the smallest. 
The prepositions and conjunctions used in a text do reveal the nature of the text. The script was used on three differently motivated texts: 
1. the movie script for the movie Hackers
2. a Microsoft Word instruction manual
3. a persuasive essay on why everyone should learn to program.

The expectation was that all three texts would be a sea of “of”-s, “to”-s the”-s and “and”-s. Unexpectedly, each was a sea of these conjunctions and prepositions, but of only one of them. The Hackers script was almost exclusively full of the’s. The Persuasive essay was mostly “to”-s. The Microsoft manual was mostly “and”s with a fair share or “to”s. 
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