JUKIBU, a name derived from Junge Kinder Büch (young children book) in German, is a multicultural library in Basel, Switzerland. The library is entirely volunteer run and has books in over 50 languages. Since there was no marketing department or marketing volunteer, anyone who needed to make a sign or poster was going to use the logo however they wanted. Thus it needed to be robust without a lot of guidelines. The logo had to be in black and white.
Original Logo - made by Elena Pini 
Logo needs to show Children, Books, Multiculturalism, and be professional.
Needs to work in black and white. 
In the end our solution was a modernization of the original logo. By changing the design to silhouettes, it had more weight on a page so it would stand out if surrounded by text. The font is a thick slab serif, which is more playful but also refers font more commonly found in books. 
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