Rosie is a grocery shopping app for web or mobile platforms that allows independent grocery stores to bring their stores online for cheaper than creating an eCommerce platform of their own. Rosie has two products that I was the designer for. A Retailer App, that enabled grocery store employees to fulfill orders, and a Customer App that allowed shoppers to place orders. 
Rosie is an extremely ambitious company that grew faster than it's product could keep up with. It was an incredible opportunity to work as the Creative Director for Rosie, where I grew into my own as an User Experience Designer. 
Rosie worked in an Agile/Scrum project management structure. This meant that changes would be rolled out incrementally, so I needed to break down changes into small pieces. 
One of the first changes I wanted to make, though small, was to get rid of the 90's internet aesthetic of a dark grey side menu and the default blue of the product's names. While this was only an aesthetic change, it was important because the previous colors were making our product feel dated. This aesthetic was harder for our sales team to sell. 

Eventually our Product Tiles were updated to feel completely modern. This allowed us to share more information about the products that were important for the user. 
Removing outlines on divs made the website feel more open. Removing the dark grey background also put priority on important information, such as which store Rosie was currently showing. 
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