Chicago Sandblast is a large beach Ultimate frisbee tournament on the shores of Lake Michigan. People travel from across the US to attend the tournament, so having a Chicago themed logo is the main priority. The only reused elements from year to year is the SB foot, and the Ultimate Chicago logo. 
Create a beach themed event logo that memorializes the event that people will want to purchase. 
For events like this, the starting point really is what will make an interesting sublimated jersey. A nice event logo is great, but if elements can’t be pulled from it to decorate an entire sublimated shirt, then it will definitely not work for the entire line of merchandise.

Thus, I found some wave imagery I liked and worked from there. 
The loopy circular pattern of the waves contrasted well to the angular straightness of the wonderful Chicago architecture. This could again be repeated with the event name. Ultimate Chicago in a bold san serif font and Sandblast in a brush script font visually similar to the waves. 
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