To send in rock climbing is to climb a route. In Seattle, it rains a lot. Thus the name, Rain City Send was born. The climbing competition was in attempt by the Operations Manager at the University of Washington’s climbing wall to facilitate more of a community between the local collegiate climbing walls. Especially at University of Oregon and Western Washington University. It’s inaugural year was a success, so the following year the competition aimed to grow and get more sponsors for raffle prizes and event winners. 
Create a short informational packet to persuade local businesses to donate money or products. 

For the event posters, the landscape orientation with a rotated grid allowed for it to stand out on campus. It also visually referred to the overhangs and climbing nature of the event. 
The environmental/outdoor gear industry is more casual and rugged, which we attempted to mimic in our marketing packet. By creating this brochure, we also helped define the motivations of the UW climbing gym. We chose prizes that monetary donations would help purchase that were in line with the environmental goals of the local climbing community. 
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