With covid sending people out of the lab and into their homes, we needed an alternative solution to our annual promotional wall calendar. We pivoted to an interactive web experience. 

My Role: Project Lead, Graphic Designer, Experience Designer, Copy Writer, Social Media Planner, Email Outreach.
My Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe AfterEffects

How might we highlight products and services at JAX in an engaging way that users will want to participate in throughout the year? How can we reach them at their home, since people go into the lab less frequently? With people spending more time at home, we had an opportunity to engage with them more throughout the year than our annual wall calendar.  

There were also technical challenges working with jax.org. Our website had no module remotely similar to this so we had to create that from scratch and integrate what we could to maintain the brand identity. 
We decided to create an online image hunt, with a new image being released bi-monthly. Each image had characters hidden in it that users would have to find, once they found all the hidden characters they would be rewarded with a social media badge and a word scramble. At the end of the year, the special letters from the word scrambles could be used to solve a final scramble and enter to win a prize. 

When these images were released, we saw higher times-on-page and a lower bounce rate than other JAX webpages. 
For each puzzle, I used a whimsical character from our illustrators artwork to animate as a fun header for our success page. I also incorporated a piece of the puzzle into a badge that could be posted on social media.
Success Page Header Gif
Success Page Header Gif
Social Media Badge
Social Media Badge
Users enjoyed the playfulness and creativity of Discover JAX enough to share on their own social platforms. When we posted on JAX social media the new releases of the puzzles, we saw an above average engagement on these posts than other posts from the lab. 
Our prize for the end of the year was a JAX branded reusable notebook. The pages can be wiped clean for reuse and notes can be digitized using the Rocketbook app. The pages have a dot-grid which is common among scientist and there is a calendar page in the front for important dates. 
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