Until covid, JAX mailed a calendar every year as a promotional item. One of the challenges with this campaign was the address validation. Money was wasted every year sending calendars to invalid addresses that were then returned to JAX. In order to combat this, a new mailing address confirmation journey was put in place that had the potential to be confusing to the user. 

My Role: Project Lead, Graphic Designer, Experience Designer.
My Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Marketo
To validate a mailing address and to reduce the amount of spam-submissions and returned-calendars was going to require the user to fill out two forms, bouncing between a webform and their email. We needed to keep the users attention long enough for them to complete this process.  
Building off the fairy-tale theme of the calendar that year, we created a rhyming email message that instructed the user about what needed to be done. We created a delightful experience that turned an annoying requirement into a fun experience. 
We started by emailing previous years calendar recipients, informing them that it was time to reserve their calendar. 
To reserve their calendar, they would be redirected from their email to this website-hosted form page. Continuing the rhyming scheme, we provided an overview of what the next steps were while also teasing some of the calendar artwork. 

This is the form submission confirmation page, informing them they needed to return to their inbox for an address confirmation email. 
This email is the confirmation email, stylized to appear like a scroll that's been unraveled to start an adventure. 

From there, the user needed to return to click the button to enter the form again. 
This is the 2nd webform. 

We used the banner images from the emails and webforms to give visual hints to how close they were to finishing the journey. 

The images progress from dawn to sunset, the dragon and knight get closer and interact more in the castle. 
This is the final confirmation email, informing the user that they have successfully finished the address confirmation journey. 

The knight and the dragon fly off into the sunset after a successful quest. 
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