During my time at JAX, a culture of Design Thinking has started to grow. Now, I know that Design Thinking is just a method of problem solving, but it's a method that strives to get to the users actual needs, which to me is very morally important. During a Summer Opportunity Meeting (a sort of retreat involving business units, sales team, marketing team, etc) I worked with on a committee to conduct a Design Thinking workshop. This helped not only transform the marketing team but JMCRS as a whole. 
I thoughtfully put together all the details for this event, and led Marketing and other leaders about Design Thinking. I proposed exercises that would be relevant to the Sales Team, I outlined the presentation for the workshop, and created the take-away piece that participants could take to continue using the lessons taught during the workshop. 
Since then JAX has put considerable effort into challenging assumptions and being user centered. It has been a remarkable cultural shift.
In addition to planning and running the workshop, I also created a take away item for the members of the sales team to take with them. I defined and elaborated on the foundation of Design Thinking, but also included some thought exercises that they could use as individuals. My goal was to provide my colleagues with tools they could use to understand their clients better, so the focus would be on solving the clients problems and not just selling the client our products or services arbitrarily. 
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