From my manager: "Niki drove every aspect of this project and made it the success that it is. From the brainstorming sessions, to driving the direction and researching the stories with TIS (Technical Information Scientists) and other scientific experts to even how the visuals guided the customers through the sign up form, everything was thoughtfully done. As a result of her hard work, the calendar was completed on time and delivered to customers in December - the first that this has been done in years!!" 
I earned a 2019 JMCRS Impact award for this project. 
I started this project by conducting a brainstorming session with the marketing team, including the whole team from the start and encouraging them to rethink everything they've done in the past. From there we landed on the theme of fairytales. In order to emphasize JAX's new international growth, we strived to make half of the stories from non-western cultures. I worked closely with our illustrator to create images that amplified our visual metaphors. I rewrote the fairytales to maintain intellectual integrity of the science while also being playful and creative. 
To distribute the calendars, the user needed to fill out an online form and then authenticate their email and address: a three step process. The marketing team strived to make this process entertaining and fun. The results were increased engagement from users (we received responses also in limericks!), fewer spam addresses, and very happy users. 
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