IAUA Summer League 2017
Graphics to increase event satisfaction and facilitate interaction.
Rosie Responsive
Converting Rosie from a desktop app to an all-devices app.
Rosie App
My work at a grocery shopping software company.
Rosie App List Feature
This feature allowed users to create a list to shop from later.
Rosie App Product Request
Sometimes users couldn't find products to add to their cart. We provided a way for them to order the items anyway.
Herding Cats: Master's Thesis
About the management of a creative team, the roles and motivations of designers and clients.
M├ętamatic Reloaded
Poster created entirely from coding in Indesign.
das Museum der Dinge
Poster series for a museum opening.
Objectifying Language
Completed by running a script in InDesign.
Jukibu Library Logo
Logo for a multi-cultural, multi-language Library
Atom Capital Logo
Logo for London Company
Ithaca Area Ultimate Alliance (IAUA) Shirt
A shirt to sell as a fundraiser a local Frisbee organization.
Roman Signer Exhibition Poster
Material investigation into ephemeral posters.
United Nations Millenium Goals Poster
Poster for the United Nations Millenium Goals.
Recycled Drawing Machine
Arduino programmed drawing machine
Photography Portfolio
Sample of Photography
Sketch Samples
Samples of sketches for fun.
Directed Genomics Logo
Logo for a genome sequencing company.
Figure Drawings
Drawings from live drawing sessions.
One World Innovations Illustrations
Background illustations for a website.
Terfer Logo
Logo for an app to be used by street fundraisers to more easily collect donator data.
Stuffmapper Website
First website I designed.
Stuffmapper Logo
Logo for a startup in Seattle that would allow people to geo-locate stuff left on the streets for free.
Ithacash Website
A minimum viable product website, simply tells the story of what Ithacash is and what it does.
Ithacash Trifold Brochure
A trifold brochure for a local startup that was for a barter economy in Ithaca, NY.
Map Orientation Research
Investigation into if paper maps can show orientation.
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